ALT’s 11th Anniversary

Associates Land Transfer Company recently celebrated its eleventh anniversary in business. I’m proud to say that the principles on which we founded the company eleven years ago continue to be the driving force when it comes to our success today.

Our goals were relatively simple.
1.    To provide the best customer service in the real estate industry
2.    To always provide a level of transparency with our clients, giving them open and honest insight into the industry and helping them identify the pitfalls to avoid
3.    To put our clients’ interests above our own personal interests and company revenue

Sounds pretty simple to me. Why wouldn’t someone buying or refinancing real estate demand this approach from all the professionals they hire? The answer, of course, is that they would demand it, unless they didn’t know any better.

I will tell you that while technology, specifically the internet, has made it much easier to find the perfect home, finding a real estate agent, mortgage lender and title insurance company that deliver a level of transparency and place your interests above their own is more difficult than ever.

To that end, ALT continues to be an advocate for the consumer.  We are committed to offering our clients exceptional service while reducing their overall settlement costs.  And to help you make informed decisions, we will continue to give you an insider’s perspective to the real estate industry through our website and this blog.

For ALT, placing our clients’ interests above personal interests and company profits isn’t a tag line or a slogan. It’s the way we choose to do business.

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