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"Now more than ever, savvy home buyers are turning to the web to better understand the process of buying, selling and refinancing real estate."

-Frank Dowd, Founder & Former President of ALT

Real Estate Agent Pointing While Showing the House to Couple

Why Hiring the Right Real Estate Agent Matters

By Frank Dowd | Mar 3, 2014

Presently we’re involved in a commercial purchase transaction, with a purchase price of more than $3 million. Unfortunately the appraisal for the property came in $800,000 below the contract sale price, leaving both the buyer and seller scrambling, trying to figure out how to proceed. There are circumstances in which real estate agents advise their…

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Trying to Flip Houses with No Money Down? Good Luck.

By Frank Dowd | Feb 26, 2014

Whenever I start hearing these radio commercials or see the so-called brand new investor on television proudly displaying his check for thousands of dollars in profits, I know it won’t be long before we start receiving calls and emails from “wanna be” investors. The question we get… Do you have experience settling “flipped” or as…

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Haven’t Refinanced Yet? You’re Not Alone.

By Frank Dowd | Feb 17, 2014

According to Steve Deggendorf, a director in Fannie Mae’s economic and strategic research, between 40%-50% of Americans with a mortgage have never refinanced and have an average mortgage rate around 6%. Since there are roughly 50 million mortgages outstanding, that means 20 million-plus households could potentially refinance. Fannie Mae’s national housing survey lists the top…

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Placing our client’s best interests above all else

By Frank Dowd | Feb 7, 2014

As professionals working within the real estate industry, we are and should be held to the highest standards under the law when it comes to protecting the interests of our client. You’ll find many definitions of “fiduciary duty,” but this one seems to sum it up perfectly. “A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of…

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Why choosing the right settlement company matters

By Frank Dowd | Jan 29, 2014

I received a call last week from a mortgage broker with a question about a possible title insurance claim. He was contacted by a client who has a friend that refinanced in 2006. At closing the homeowners paid off their existing mortgage, a municipal utility lien for $15,000 and received a small amount of cash…

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Turning your “For Sale” sign to SOLD

By Frank Dowd | Jan 16, 2014

During the course of my daily travels, I pass this house three or four times a week, that has been listed for sale with a real estate agent for almost a year now. At this point, the “for sale” sign seems to be nothing more than a lawn ornament to daily passers-by like myself. For…

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Need a copy of the deed to your property? Don’t fall for this scam.

By Frank Dowd | Dec 5, 2013

We’re hearing from more and more people who are receiving letters in the mail from third-party companies that are offering to provide you with a certified copy of the deed to your property for a small fee of $89. The letters that I’ve seen would lead you to believe that if you don’t have the…

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You know a good deal when you see one…or do you?

By Frank Dowd | Nov 19, 2013

Last week I came across a post on a social media site from a real estate agent in PA who was teaming up with their in-house mortgage company and a title insurance company, offering discounts on their services when you hired them to buy a house. The real estate company was offering a modest commission…

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Affordable Care Act: Well intended but seriously flawed.

By Frank Dowd | Nov 8, 2013

If you follow my posts on social media, you know I am not a supporter of many of the provisions in the “Affordable Care Act.” Especially the mandates driving healthcare costs through the roof for small businesses. I acknowledge that there are serious problems with our current healthcare system and the GOP has failed in…

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