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"Now more than ever, savvy home buyers are turning to the web to better understand the process of buying, selling and refinancing real estate."

-Frank Dowd, Founder & Former President of ALT

Why is my real estate agent so persistent about using her title company?

By Frank Dowd | Jun 27, 2013

I just had a first time home buyer ask me the following question: We would all like to assume that it’s because her title company delivers great service at a reasonable price, but unfortunately that is not the motivation in this particular situation. You see the real estate agent owns shares in the title company…

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TD Bank Strikes Again

By Frank Dowd | Jun 5, 2013

It isn’t all that uncommon for a purchase closing to be delayed due to an issue with the buyer’s mortgage company. Problems with the appraisal, an insurance issue or a buyer that is slow providing all of the required paperwork, just to name a few. Last Friday, we were scheduled to handle a closing in…

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Thinking Outside the Box

By Frank Dowd | Apr 22, 2013

I love hearing stories like this one and enjoy working with real estate professionals who can think outside the box.  It’s pretty common knowledge that real estate sales commissions are negotiable, but most consumers don’t realize that many top performing real estate agents are quick to reduce their commissions when it comes to making a…

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Should I Pay a Broker’s Service Fee?

By Frank Dowd | Apr 3, 2013

If you’ve sold or purchased a house in the last ten years or so, you most likely paid your real estate broker/agent a conveyancing fee or flat fee commission.  This broker service fee ranges from $150 to $500, an amount due in addition to the base commission on the sale or purchase. With several different…

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Apparently customers aren’t "part of the family"

By Frank Dowd | Mar 29, 2013

I couldn’t help but have one of those feel good moments after our company helped this young couple save so much money at closing. This story is not exceptional; the scenario I’m sharing is fairly typical for a new construction settlement when we’re involved. As the title agent hired by this Bucks County couple, we…

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The truth about real estate’s Controlled Business Relationships

By Frank Dowd | Mar 7, 2013

We recently received an email from a potential customer who was trying to be an informed consumer and get a fair deal on a mortgage. Here’s the opening line: “I’m considering a refinance to shorten term and lower rate. Lenders are unable to provide any kind of transparency (or patience) with questions on fees.” Unfortunately,…

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TD Bank Responds

By Frank Dowd | Mar 1, 2013

A quick update to last week’s TD Bank story.  TD saw our post about a client’s very frustrating experience when refinancing with their bank.  Within an hour or two of seeing the post, TD follows ALT Title on Twitter and reaches out to us: “@ALTTITLE Saw ur tweet. We appreciate your feedback & we’d like to connect…

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TD Bank…America’s Most Frustrating Bank

By Frank Dowd | Feb 26, 2013

If you need to know the time and temperature while you’re watching Jimmy Kimmel, cashing a check or depositing a jar of coins on a Sunday morning, TD Bank might just be the bank you’re looking for. If you’re trying to refinance your mortgage, they may just have you looking for a bridge to jump…

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Did they really get a good deal on title insurance?

By Frank Dowd | Feb 22, 2013

A Philadelphia real estate broker recently referred a couple to us for title insurance; she had listed their Center City home for sale.  The couple wanted to move closer to work, and planned to buy a home in Bucks County.  Since the couple was moving out of the city, they were working with a different…

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