When are my real estate taxes officially due?

Real Estate Taxes

If you’re moving from Philadelphia to one of the outlying suburbs you’ll need to become familiar with the different real estate related taxes, when they’re due and who collects them. In Philadelphia there’s not much to it. Real estate tax bills are due in January and are based on the calendar year (January 1, to…

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Get Your Home Ready for Halloween

Kitchen Stocks

With nearly 42 million potential trick-or-treaters this year, you’ll want to be sure that your home meets the fun and safety standards of today’s eager Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Monster High visitors.

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Should You Make Renovations Before Selling Your House?

ALT Title Settlement Services PA

Instead of looking for big projects you think your home needs before it hits the market, there are a lot of small and inexpensive things you can do that can make all the difference. Especially since expensive projects are rarely worth your time and money if your goal is simply to sell your house.

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Understanding a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Settlement Checklist

A homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to protect you and your home from perils. Here is a look at the basics of what this type of insurance policy is, what you’ll be covered for, and anything else you may want to consider when taking out an insurance policy on your house.

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Hot Backyard Design Trends for Summer

Years ago, the ideal backyard included a patio set, a pool, and maybe a cool water slide. Today, the backyard is prime real estate for an inviting outdoor living space. That’s right—homeowners are dreaming big when it comes to designing their backyards, and they aren’t shy about turning those dreams into realities. From thriving gardens…

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Affordable Care Act: Well intended but seriously flawed.

If you follow my posts on social media, you know I am not a supporter of many of the provisions in the “Affordable Care Act.” Especially the mandates driving healthcare costs through the roof for small businesses. I acknowledge that there are serious problems with our current healthcare system and the GOP has failed in…

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Do you know where your property begins and ends?

Unless you’re purchasing new construction, you’re most likely taking someone else’s word for it when they tell you that the property line “goes all the way back to the tree line and over to the fence.” Unless you are able to locate the lot pins that were put in place the last time the property…

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Philly’s Economic Future Starts & Ends with Education

The political tug of war between city and state officials and organized labor about how to fund and educate children in the city of Philadelphia is nearing the point of disaster. The city and state politicians continue to stock the school board with their political cronies that have no idea how to fix things, and…

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Money Saving Tips for the Summer

As homeowners, we all like to reduce the household expenses whenever we can. Given the high temperatures in our region these last few weeks, here are a few money-saving tips for keeping your AC bill under control: 1.  Clean or replace the filter.  A dirty filter restricts the amount of air passing over the cooling coils.  It’s…

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