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Title Insurance & Settlement Services

What to Expect From Your Settlement Company

When you finally find the perfect home for you and your family and the seller accepts your offer, you’re not quite across the finish line. There is still plenty of work to be done. For most homebuyers, the next move is to enlist the help of a settlement company. Since buying a home isn’t something…

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What Happens at Settlement?

If you’re in the final stretch of buying a new house, it’s still not quite time to pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it this far and are inches away from owning your dream home. Now that you’ve jumped through all of the necessary hoops and obstacles, there’s one final, significant hoop you must…

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Yes, It’s True – Fees Are Negotiable When Buying a House

When you’re buying a new house, the actual house itself isn’t the only thing you’re paying for—there are a number of fees that are rolled into the final price in order to make it officially yours. Although many experienced homebuyers are aware of the extra costs, there are plenty of first-timers who are hit with…

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Do I Really Need Owner’s Title Insurance?

Between fees and unexpected additional costs, buying a house can end up costing more than you anticipated. So it’s totally normal to question those extra items and whether or not you really need them. Take owner’s title insurance. If you’re going to have a mortgage, your lender will insist on a lender’s policy, but is…

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