ALT is here to help!

When we say “ALT is here to help you” we really mean it!

We recently did a closing for a nice couple in Bucks County.  They bought a new home, and just started moving in Labor Day weekend.  They had a steam cleaning service come in to clean the basement carpets.  The technician gave them the news no homeowner wants to hear…they spotted mold and it appeared to be under the carpet and behind the wall!  The new homeowners were taken aback, they weren’t aware of any mold problems, and the home inspection came up clean.

We tell our all clients to call us should any problems arise, even after they make settlement.    In this case, these homeowners needed some advice and remembered our offer.  That Sunday morning, my cell phone rang, and even though I’m not a mold remediation expert, I was happy to lend an ear and offer some practical advice.

When we tell our customers that we’re here to guide them, we sincerely mean it. We are here to advise our clients, even after the closing.  We are reachable anytime, even after hours or on a holiday weekend.  We have a real estate attorney on staff to counsel clients through the settlement process, and advise them when questions or problems arise.

This will be an interesting story to follow.  Did the seller know of any trouble with mold in the basement?  Who pays for the mold removal?  Our real estate attorney reached out to them less than an hour after we received their call and provided them with some practical advice for trying to resolve the issue with the least amount of drama possible.  We’ll keep you posted on their story.  In the meantime...when you have questions about buying, selling or refinancing real estate, we're here for you!

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