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ALT Tips on Building Your Team

When it comes to selecting which lender, real estate professional & title company to work with, you'll want to look for a mix of professional experience as well as personal experience with buying & selling real estate.


What to look for:

-Extensive experience with the PA market

-Offer a variety of programs to meet your needs

-Provide rate quote without a credit check

-Available for consultation or pre-approval seven days a week

-Hands on in processing your loan


What to look for:

-Do they own real estate

-How long have they been doing business

-Have they disclosed all fees and ancillary business relationships upfront

-Available for consultation seven days a week


What to look for:

-How long have they been in business

-How many transactions do they close annually

-Do they have an attorney available for consultation

-Do they share profits with real estate brokers, agents or mortgage lenders

-Is a licensed title insurance agent available for consultation seven days a week