Money Saving Tips for the Summer

As homeowners, we all like to reduce the household expenses whenever we can. Given the high temperatures in our region these last few weeks, here are a few money-saving tips for keeping your AC bill under control:
1.  Clean or replace the filter.  A dirty filter restricts the amount of air passing over the cooling coils.  It's a simple step to making your air conditioner run more efficiently, but not always easy to remember.  Every time you fly the flag for a summer holiday, give the AC filter a check. Replace or clean as needed.
2.  Turn down the air conditioning when the house is empty.  If you'll be away for several hours, you don't need the air going full blast.  Manually adjusting the thermostat by 5-8 degrees when leaving the house or going to bed will add up to big savings on your monthly bill.
3.  Consider installing a programmable thermostat.  You'll save even more when you regulate the house temperatures according to your family's schedule.  Automatically adjust the set-back temperatures when you are away or sleeping. You'll decrease your energy usage without sacrificing comfort.

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