What You Need to Know When Buying New Construction

Learn why it's important to have an independent set of eyes when buying from a builder.

Get a complete and accurate title quote in less than 1 minute.

ALT Title (Associates Land Transfer Company LLC) is a family-owned independent title insurance and settlement services company established in 2002. Our staff has over three decades of industry experience and our unwavering commitment lies in delivering unparalleled service and savings.

Save on Closing Costs

  • Quick turnaround
  • No settlement fees, No doc prep fees, No misc title fees
  • We attend closing anywhere in PA, no additional charge
  • We're accessible 7 days a week
  • Complete & accurate online title quote 24/7
  • Our real estate attorney will review the Agreement of Sale before you sign it, the first hour is on us

ALT is an independent title company with decades of settlement experience with both national builders and local builders throughout PA.

Get a Distinct Advantage with ALT Title

Each builder has their own Agreement of Sale and the terms and language are not necessarily pro forma. By choosing ALT Title to manage your title insurance and closing processes, you gain a distinct advantage. We offer a complimentary hour with our attorney to review of your Agreement of Sale before you sign. This added layer of expertise safeguards your interests and enhances your understanding of the contractual intricacies associated with purchasing new construction.

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title company for buying new construction

Buying new construction? You’d better hire the right title company.

When you deal with a builder, you’ll need an experienced, independent title company to assist you in leveling the playing field.

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Read this before signing a contract to use your builder’s title company

Choose an independent title company to represent you. They won’t be influenced by the builder when it comes to correcting title issues.

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ALT saved me a few hundred dollars.

"I have been warned about ripoffs and hidden fees at settlement. They answered my many questions and helped to eliminate a phony charge the seller's realtor wanted to collect from me. They charged me exactly what PA dictates and NOTHING more--no conveyancing fees, no notary fees, no office use fees, no deed recording fees or any other invented fee of any kind."

Rich C.

I was introduced to ALT through my realtor.

"The quote was unbeatable. No hidden fees at settlement. No surprises at all. They were on time and everything was smooth. Frank answered all the questions patiently and things to avoid after the settlement in regards to duplicate deeds in mail and other cautions. I would recommend ALT to anyone looking for a title company."

-Arvind J.

Everyone was so great to work with at ALT.

"We used ALT recently to purchase a new home and they were fantastic. They made the process so easy and the best part was that you didn't have to fight with them over any hidden charges which sometimes happens with title companies. I recommend them highly."

-George H.