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By submitting this online order form, you'll be ordering title insurance and settlement services.  No fees are collected at this time.  Your title insurance premium and any related fees will appear on your settlement statement as a debit. 

"How far in advance should I order title insurance?"  You can select your title company as early on in the process as you like, but once you have a signed agreement of sale, it's time to order title insurance and settlement services.  Here are a few milestones to keep in mind.

Step 1

By submitting our online order form, you're completing the necessary first step.  This authorizes us to begin the title search.  No money is due upfront, your title premium will appear on your settlement sheet as a debit.

Step 2

Once we have the title search results, we'll be in contact to help you clear any defects.  We'll also provide you with a settlement day checklist and prepare you along the way.

Step 3

We'll schedule your final settlement appointment, coordinate the date with all involved parties and meet you there on the big day.  Don't worry, we'll give you a preview of your settlement documents beforehand, and answer any questions you may have.

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