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ALT Title is a full service title insurance and settlement service company conducting business throughout Pennsylvania from our office in Montgomery County. Our staff has a combined 75+ years of experience in title insurance, real estate, contract review and mortgage lending. We are known for our online calculators, our dedication to exceptional customer service, and for saving our clients money.

The Professional's Guide to Our Title & Settlement Services

1. When it comes to our fees, we are totally transparent.

We developed our consumer friendly calculators to accurately outline fees and savings for our clients.  And unlike other online consumer calculators, we do not require any personal information and we don't insist on an email address.

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I was introduced to ALT through my realtor.

"The quote was unbeatable. No hidden fees at settlement. No surprises at all. They were on time and everything was smooth. Frank answered all the questions patiently and things to avoid after the settlement in regards to duplicate deeds in mail and other cautions. I would recommend ALT to anyone looking for a title company."

-Arvind J.

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ALT Saved Me a Few Hundred Dollars.

"They charged me exactly what PA dictates and NOTHING more--no conveyancing fees, no notary fees, no office use fees, no deed recording fees or any other invented fee of any kind."

-Rich C.

2. Our Tools Make Life Easier for You and Your Clients

ALT Title is an industry leader in developing state-of-the-art DIY technology that enables collaboration between real estate professionals, lenders, ALT and their customers. Use our Title Insurance Calculator and our new CashtoClose Mortgage and Closing Cost Calculator to provide your clients a complete and accurate quote.

Our Title Insurance Calculator

Generate a complete and accurate title quote for a purchase or refinance, with or without a mortgage. Quote will include applicable endorsements, transfer tax, and recording fees based on the county's published fees. Get a Quick Quote or Custom Quote with a property address and prepared for/prepared by fields. Easy choose between standard and enhanced policy and include or exclude an owner's title policy.

Mortgage & Closing Cost Calculator

This is a mortgage calculator like no other. CahstoClose was 4+ years in the making and provides the most accurate DIY closing cost estimate possible until the CD is finalized. With taxes, insurances and closing costs pro-rated based on the settlement date, this calculator provides the most realistic estimate for your clients' all-in monthly mortgage payment in less than 5 minutes.

3. Your Quotes Stand Out with ALT's Built In Savings

We identify all the fees we waive or pay on thy buyer’s behalf, making your estimate look more attractive.

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No Settlement Fee

No Courier or Wire Fees

No Notary Fees

We pay the recording fees for clients borrowing $xxx,000 or more.

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4. Ordering Title Insurance is Easy

If you have your clients' signed Agreement of Sale, use our express online order form. Just fill in a few basic fields and attach a copy of the agreement and we'll take it from there. Ordering title insurance online for your client's refinance transaction is even easier.

5. ALT has Expertise in Commercial Deals Throughout Pennsylvania

Over the last 20 years, ALT Title has closed and insured commercial transactions ranging from land development acquisitions, shopping centers, office buildings, multi-unit apartment buildings and warehouses, to public golf courses and car washes. We have an in-house attorney specializing in real estate and banking available for document review. Learn more about our comprehensive services for commercial settlements.

6. ALT is Backed by a Team of Underwriting Attorneys

We are among Old Republic National Title Company's Top 10 independent title insurance agencies throughout Pennsylvania.

With our "Premier Agency" designation, we enjoy access to ORT’s team of underwriting attorneys whenever a consultation is necessary. This alliance can be of great benefit to our customers purchasing and refinancing commercial properties. Often times, commercial properties include several separate parcels and financing agreements that encumber multiple properties in various lien positions. Think of it as a second set of eyes collaborating to make certain that title is conveyed free and clear of all liens and encumbrances.

7. ALT is Available 7 Days a Week

After more than 19 years and more than 18,000 closings, our focus remains on providing the best possible real estate settlement experience with a level of service the big outfits can’t match. We're located right here in North Wales PA, and we'll answer your questions 7 days a week.