Must-Have Homebuyer Apps

Buying a house is an exciting time, but a stressful one as well. More often than not, homebuyers are burdened with self-doubt, confusion over paperwork and industry-related jargon, and the general stress of making a huge financial commitment—all of which make it difficult to stay on the ball. Fortunately, however, there are apps for that.…

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Yes, It’s True – Fees Are Negotiable When Buying a House

Fees When Buying a House

When you’re buying a new house, the actual house itself isn’t the only thing you’re paying for—there are a number of fees that are rolled into the final price in order to make it officially yours. Although many experienced homebuyers are aware of the extra costs, there are plenty of first-timers who are hit with…

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Top 3 Reasons to Give Up Your Right to Choose

ALT Title PA

We’ve designed our website to be a resource for anyone who’s considering buying or refinancing real estate. From the more than one thousand people who visit our site every month, we list the top three reasons that they’ve been given as to why they shouldn’t shop around for title insurance and related settlement services.…

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Should I Pay a Broker’s Service Fee?

If you’ve sold or purchased a house in the last ten years or so, you most likely paid your real estate broker/agent a conveyancing fee or flat fee commission.  This broker service fee ranges from $150 to $500, an amount due in addition to the base commission on the sale or purchase. With several different…

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Money Saving Tips for the Summer

As homeowners, we all like to reduce the household expenses whenever we can. Given the high temperatures in our region these last few weeks, here are a few money-saving tips for keeping your AC bill under control: 1.  Clean or replace the filter.  A dirty filter restricts the amount of air passing over the cooling coils.  It’s…

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