Do I Really Need Owner’s Title Insurance?

Between fees and unexpected additional costs, buying a house can end up costing more than you anticipated. So it’s totally normal to question those extra items and whether or not you really need them. Take owner’s title insurance. If you’re going to have a mortgage, your lender will insist on a lender’s policy, but is…

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Top 3 Reasons to Give Up Your Right to Choose

ALT Title PA

We’ve designed our website to be a resource for anyone who’s considering buying or refinancing real estate. From the more than one thousand people who visit our site every month, we list the top three reasons that they’ve been given as to why they shouldn’t shop around for title insurance and related settlement services.…

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ALT’s 11th Anniversary

Associates Land Transfer Company recently celebrated its eleventh anniversary in business. I’m proud to say that the principles on which we founded the company eleven years ago continue to be the driving force when it comes to our success today. Our goals were relatively simple. 1.    To provide the best customer service in the real…

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