What Happens at Settlement?

Fees When Buying a House

If you’re in the final stretch of buying a new house, it’s still not quite time to pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it this far and are inches away from owning your dream home. Now that you’ve jumped through all of the necessary hoops and obstacles, there’s one final, significant hoop you must…

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The Trouble With Simultaneous Closings

ALT Title Blog

There is already a lot of stress associated with selling your home and buying a new one. However, if you decide to close on both properties in the same day, you’ve just added another level of stress to the process. That’s according to Frank Dowd, a licensed title agent and the founder of Associates Land…

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Our service doesn’t end at settlement.

I recently received a phone call at 9:42 am on a Sunday morning from a very nervous couple, clients of ours who had just settled on their new home the Friday before. Over the weekend, they began the process of moving into the house when they discovered mold along the baseboards in two of the…

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