TD Bank Responds

A quick update to last week’s TD Bank story.  TD saw our post about a client’s very frustrating experience when refinancing with their bank.  Within an hour or two of seeing the post, TD follows ALT Title on Twitter and reaches out to us:

“@ALTTITLE Saw ur tweet. We appreciate your feedback & we’d like to connect with you to discuss further. Pls DM ur ph#/time (no acct#) ^TT”

Way to get right out in front of this situation.  And very professional, by the way.  Typical of this behemoth bank, TD tackles a reported customer service disaster with an overly casual, formulaic tweet, most likely delegated to the office intern.

On Thursday we were involved in a purchase transaction, parents were selling to their daughter and her husband. Should be an easy in and out settlement. The buyers use TD Bank for the financing and our ‘piece of cake’ settlement takes three hours. When our attorney finally arrived back to the office, he tells us how bad he felt for the borrowers, because “TD Bank really put them through the wringer on this one.”

I’ll give them this much… If nothing else, they’re consistent!

TD Bank executives interested in serious dialogue can reach us at:  (215) 699-1200!

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