Top 3 Objections


The real estate industry has a financial interest in keeping any title insurance business “in house.”  According to our customers, here are the top 3 objections used to discourage them from shopping around.

"If you don’t use my in-house title company there’s no guarantee that you’ll settle on time."

"If you don’t use my “n-house title company, I’ll have no control over the transaction and if something goes wrong it will be on you."

"You don't need to shop for title insurance, it costs the same regardless of who you use."

We’d hate to let the facts get in the way of an inaccurate sales pitch, but here’s the reality:

1.  ALT never misses a settlement date.  We have participated in over 18,000 real estate transactions and never missed a settlement date. Typically, if final settlement is delayed it’s due to issues with the lender needing a little more time to clear conditions, or conflicts with inspections and/or repairs.

2.  ALT manages the entire process for you.  We not only perform the title search and attend and conduct the closing, but we can manage the entire transaction on your behalf. We’re experienced in every aspect of the real estate transaction. From preparing and negotiating agreements of sale, working with your lender to clear mortgage conditions to making sure you have clear title and all of the final numbers are exact. We respond to phone calls and emails seven days a week, and there’s no need to pay a real estate company an additional broker’s services or conveyancing fee. When you hire ALT it’s all included in the one-time title insurance premium that you pay at closing.

3.  Title and settlement fees are NOT the same everywhere.  Spend about five minutes learning about title insurance online and you know this one is not true. Yes, title insurance premiums, lender endorsements & the lender’s closing services letter are all filed with the state and non-negotiable. You now know that you can save hundreds of dollars in miscellaneous title fees and unnecessary administration fees by exercising your right to hire your own title company.