Top 3 Reasons to Give Up Your Right to Choose

We’ve designed our website to be a resource for anyone who’s considering buying or refinancing real estate. From the more than one thousand people who visit our site every month, we list the top three reasons that they’ve been given as to why they shouldn’t shop around for title insurance and related settlement services.  And by the way, they’re all false.

“You’ll have no control over the transaction if you select a title company that I don’t work with.”

“There’s no guarantee that you’ll settle on time if you don’t use our (in-house) title company.”

And here’s my personal favorite…

“There’s no need to shop around for title insurance and settlement services because everyone charges the same amount.”

Most consumers in PA and NJ don’t realize that they have the right to shop around for title insurance and settlement services, and can reduce their closing costs by $300 to $500 or more by doing so. We would encourage you to take the “good faith estimate” (GFE) that your lender or real estate professional prepared for you and visit our website to compare.

If you’re looking to hire a local real estate professional or local mortgage lender, our website is a good place to begin your search. The professionals listed on our website are among the finest in the area and share our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that you receive a fair deal.

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