The Current Real Estate Model Is In DANGER


There are already some big hints at the decline of the traditional real estate model in the consumer’s mind, as over 90% of consumers initiate their home search by looking at online listings. There’s no doubt that the reputation and the relevancy of the entire industry is at stake, and real estate agents and brokers are approaching the crossroads.

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When are my real estate taxes officially due?

Real Estate Taxes

If you’re moving from Philadelphia to one of the outlying suburbs you’ll need to become familiar with the different real estate related taxes, when they’re due and who collects them. In Philadelphia there’s not much to it. Real estate tax bills are due in January and are based on the calendar year (January 1, to…

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Secret Advice for Realtors

There’s more to being a real estate agent than simply having your real estate license, showing people houses, and filling out paperwork. What really makes you stand out from the rest of the realtor pool is the type of experience you create for your clients. How can you stand out? Check out these tips from the experts themselves.

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Why Hiring the Right Real Estate Agent Matters

Real Estate Agent Pointing While Showing the House to Couple

When you’re selling or buying real estate, whether residential or commercial, hiring the right agent can make the difference between sale or no sale. Presently we’re involved in a commercial purchase transaction, with a purchase price of more than $3 million. Unfortunately the appraisal for the property came in $800,000 below the contract sale price,…

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Trying to Flip Houses with No Money Down? Good Luck.

Whenever I start hearing these radio commercials or see the so-called brand new investor on television proudly displaying his check for thousands of dollars in profits, I know it won’t be long before we start receiving calls and emails from “wanna be” investors. The question we get… Do you have experience settling “flipped” or as…

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