Private Transactions


As more and more consumers engage in private real estate transactions (a private sale, a private purchase, or where neither buyer or seller is represented by an agent) ALT provides the title insurance and settlement services to transfer legal ownership between parties.

Once you have a buyer, we'll handle the rest

Websites like Zillow & Trulia offer homeowners a viable alternative to the conventional brokerage model for marketing a house. We'll enhance your marketing efforts by sharing your listing throughout our social media platform, and once you’ve identified the right buyer, our comprehensive list of services sets us apart in our industry.

From preparing your Agreement of Sale to coordinating the entire transaction and walking you through final settlement, we'll take the necessary steps to transfer legal ownership. If you’re either buying or selling real estate privately, you’ll want ALT on your side!

Our Comprehensive Service for Private Transactions

  • Prepare the Agreement of Sale and other necessary disclosures
  • Hold the buyer’s deposit money in our escrow account
  • Provide the necessary owner’s & lender’s title insurance
  • Assist the seller with obtaining the necessary municipal certifications and mortgage payoffs for closing
  • Coordinate the entire transaction between the seller, buyer & buyer’s lender and/or attorney
  • Prepare the deed and other necessary documents needed to complete the transaction
  • Prepare the seller’s closing disclosure settling any outstanding municipal utilities, taxes or mortgages
  • Assist the buyer’s lender in preparing the borrower’s closing disclosure
  • Attend and conduct final settlement
  • Insure and record the transfer of the deed to the new owner
  • Offer access to our in-house real estate and banking attorney for any issues that might arise
  • We are available seven days a week to answer your questions.

Online Tools

The ULTIMATE Homebuyer's Calculator

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We'll Prepare Your Agreement of Sale

Would you like us to prepare the Agreement of Sale? Just complete our worksheet and we’ll get started.

View standard Agreement of Sale.