The Current Real Estate Model Is In DANGER


There are already some big hints at the decline of the traditional real estate model in the consumer’s mind, as over 90% of consumers initiate their home search by looking at online listings. There’s no doubt that the reputation and the relevancy of the entire industry is at stake, and real estate agents and brokers are approaching the crossroads.

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The Battle Over Real Estate Commissions & Fees


When it comes to real estate and automobiles don’t try to distract me with percentages and monthly payment amounts. If you’re selling your $300,000 house, 6% doesn’t sound as expensive as $18,000. As a consumer I want to speak in actual dollars and I don’t want to pay you a penny more than I have to for your services.

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Smaller Real Estate Agencies Are Better

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When the time comes to buy or sell a home, there are many advantages to enlisting the help of a realtor. They have the education and experience in your local market, can act as buffers between you and the seller’s agent if you’re looking at a home to purchase, and can handle the negotiations and…

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Homebuyer’s Bill of Rights

Home Buyers Bill of Rights Cover

Buying a home has changed dramatically over the last few years … or at least it should. Because of the emergence of websites and other Internet-based tools for homebuyers, the game has changed. Today, the homebuyer truly has an ability to be in control of the process. The problem is that many of them don’t…

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Should You Make Renovations Before Selling Your House?

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Instead of looking for big projects you think your home needs before it hits the market, there are a lot of small and inexpensive things you can do that can make all the difference. Especially since expensive projects are rarely worth your time and money if your goal is simply to sell your house.

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Turning your “For Sale” sign to SOLD

During the course of my daily travels, I pass this house three or four times a week, that has been listed for sale with a real estate agent for almost a year now. At this point, the “for sale” sign seems to be nothing more than a lawn ornament to daily passers-by like myself. For…

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Thinking Outside the Box

I love hearing stories like this one and enjoy working with real estate professionals who can think outside the box.  It’s pretty common knowledge that real estate sales commissions are negotiable, but most consumers don’t realize that many top performing real estate agents are quick to reduce their commissions when it comes to making a…

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For Sale by Owner Guide to Selling

4 Essential Steps to Selling Your Home Like a Pro, from Staging to Closing the Deal Selling your own home requires know-how and commitment.  With a For Sale by Owner, you will have to actively promote your listing and convince potential buyers that your house is more desirable than the competition. This guide reveals the…

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