Cost Comparison

How the fees are calculated:

The premium in this example is based on a $300,000 purchase with a $240,000 loan amount. If you would like an exact quote based upon your purchase price and loan amount please visit our title insurance calculator.

Owner’s title insurance is optional, but recommended.

Lender’s title insurance is not optional, and includes: the lender portion of the title premium and 3 standard lender endorsements (for a total of $300) and lender CSL ($125).  If you’re purchasing a condominium or a house that has a homeowner’s association, or if you’re going to have an adjustable rate mortgage, your lender will require additional endorsements ($100 each).

Recording fee includes 1 deed and 1 mortgage in Montgomery County PA. Recording fees are set by the individual county and may vary.

Any variation in the title insurance premium reflects an additional 10% premium for companies that quote the enhanced title insurance premium, as opposed to the standard title insurance policy required by all mortgage Lenders. Please make sure that you understand the additional coverage as well as the policy limits and deductibles before agreeing to pay for the enhanced policy

*ALT eliminates the need to pay a separate administration fee to manage your transaction. Real estate brokers and agents often refer to this separate administration fee as Broker Services Fees, Flat Fee Commissions, Conveyancing Fee or One Time Administration Fee and these fees range from $395 to $795 depending on the real estate broker.  ALT includes the same services for no additional fee. It’s all included in the one-time title insurance premium that you pay at settlement.