Title Insurance and Settlement Services

When Buying or Refinancing Real Estate,
or Selling a Home Privately, you’ll want ALT on your team!

ALT is a full service title insurance and settlement services company. Whether you’re purchasing your new home with the assistance of a real estate broker or privately, you can count on our experienced staff to guide you through the process. Best of all, most of our services are covered in the one-time title insurance premium that you pay at settlement.

Title Insurance & Settlement Services

  • Title Insurance
  • Real Estate Closings
  • Property Searches
  • Deed/Mortgage Preparation & Recording
  • Notary Services

For a complete list of services included with your one-time title insurance premium click below.

Private Transactions

  • Advertise your listing on our social media platforms
  • Draft Agreement of Sale
  • Coordinate the entire transaction
  • Conduct your closing and securely store all settlement documents electronically.

For a complete list of services included with your one-time title insurance premium click below.

Attorney Services

Our in-house real estate attorney can provide peace of mind for any unexpected issues that might arise.

  • Negotiate contract terms
  • Review/draft Agreements of Sale
  • Review/draft Lender Documents
  • Legal representation at settlement

To learn more about our legal services or to speak with our attorney click here.

Service After the Settlement

ALT customers can benefit from our complimentary services long after settlement. All of your settlement documents are stored on our secure server free of charge and available upon request. In addition we extend our drop-in notary service free of charge exclusively to ALT customers, and if you need to add or remove a name from your deed, there’s no charge for preparing the new deed. (Customers pay for the county recording fee and transfer tax if applicable.)

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