What's the point in paying a Real Estate Broker an Admin Fee when ALT is already doing the work for you?

Real estate administration fees are negotiable. If your real estate agent/broker, or their title insurance affiliate, typically charges the buyer an administrative fee (also referred to as a broker service fee or conveyancing fee) to manage the transaction, ask them to waive it. Eliminating this fee alone can save you an additional $395 to $795. The reality is that under federal law, the buyer is not required to purchase this service as part of their transaction.

When you're buying a home and hire ALT to provide title insurance and settlement services, we don’t charge you an additional fee to manage the transaction. The list of services that we perform on your behalf far exceeds the conveyancing services offered by most real estate brokers and it’s all included in the one-time title insurance premium that you’ll pay at closing.

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