Save up to $700 or more at the settlement table

No closing fee and we attend settlement
No doc prep fees
No miscellaneous title fees
No admin fees*
Real estate attorney on staff
We respond to inquiries 7 days a week

Pennsylvania Title Insurance Company

Save up to $700 or more at the settlement table

No closing fee and we attend settlement
No doc prep fees
No miscellaneous title fees
No admin fees*
Real estate attorney on staff
We respond to inquiries 7 days a week

*Rather than pay a real estate brokerage, their title company or conveyancing company an additional fee to manage your transaction, which averages $395-795, let ALT manage your transaction at no additional charge.

More and more homebuyers are discovering ALT Title

More than
$ million
in Consumer Savings
of Transactions are Private Sales

Associates Land Transfer Company LLC is a family-owned independent title insurance and settlement services company serving Pennsylvania.  After 20 years and more than 18,000 closings, our focus remains on providing the best possible real estate settlement experience, a level of service the big outfits can’t match, and the lowest possible fees.

We're located right here in PA, and we'll answer your questions 7 days a week.

We're more than just title insurance,
we're redefining the role of the title agent.

Estimate your monthly payment for any house in PA.

The Ultimate DIY Calculator

Enter an address, estimated settlement date and a few details, and we'll highlight where you can save from $3,000 to $5,000 on your closing costs. Save, share and edit estimates for multiple properties.

No agents?
No problem!

Everything you need for Transactions

When you choose ALT to provide title insurance for your private transaction, we can prepare the agreement of sale, coordinate the entire transaction and conduct final settlement at the location of your choice.

Commercial transaction or land development acquisition?

Expertise for Transactions

Over the last twenty years ALT has closed and insured a large variety of commercial transactions and land development acquisitions throughout Pennsylvania. We are an independent title insurance agency with 20 years of experience and we respond to customer inquiries seven days a week.

ALT saved me a few hundred dollars.

"I have been warned about ripoffs and hidden fees at settlement. They answered my many questions and helped to eliminate a phony charge the seller's realtor wanted to collect from me. They charged me exactly what PA dictates and NOTHING more--no conveyancing fees, no notary fees, no office use fees, no deed recording fees or any other invented fee of any kind."

Rich C.

I was introduced to ALT through my realtor.

"The quote was unbeatable. No hidden fees at settlement. No surprises at all. They were on time and everything was smooth. Frank answered all the questions patiently and things to avoid after the settlement in regards to duplicate deeds in mail and other cautions. I would recommend ALT to anyone looking for a title company."

-Arvind J.

Everyone was so great to work with at ALT.

"We used ALT recently to purchase a new home and they were fantastic. They made the process so easy and the best part was that you didn't have to fight with them over any hidden charges which sometimes happens with title companies. I recommend them highly."

-George H.

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Veterans ID Program

Active Duty, Reservists and Veterans can select one of these offers with their purchase of title insurance through Associates Land Transfer Company.

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Learn More About Title Insurance

Do I really need title insurance? How much will my title insurance cost? Find answers to many of your title insurance questions here.

Settlement Day Checklist

So long as everyone is prepared you should be in and out in an hour or less.  Here is a settlement checklist to keep you on track.

Settlement Documents

Buyer or seller, you can get familiar with the documents you will be asked to sign at settlement by browsing our sample document library.

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